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The High Institute For Engineering is a major private institute in Egypt, founded since 1993 by a ministerial decision number 1069 for the year 1993, according to law 52 for the year 1970 about organizing the private high  institutes.

The studying has begun at the institute for the first time in year 1993/1994, and since that time, the studying went on successfully and introduced lots of graduates who would be able to merge with the Egyptian and Foreign markets.

Also there were specific goals for setting up the Institute to serve the Egyptian society such as:

- Meeting the needs of the state by developing the new urban communities and by taking the institute’s headquarters in the Sixth of October, where the institute was considered to be the first high-private institute established in this city

- As a result of economic growth in Egypt and scientific progress of Engineering and Business Administration fields, there was a great need for more specializations in the Egyptian market, so the Institute has developed a number of new specializations to ensure the excellence of its graduates.

- Believing in the importance of investing in Egyptian youth to develop their skills and mentality, our basic purpose was to enhance our students’ talents and capacities by providing the best quality of academic education that offers them practical experiences to become in turn an effective and productive member in the Egyptian society.

The scientific degrees and the different specializations at the Institute:

First: Architectural Engineering Department (5 years): 

The institute is giving a Bachelor's degree in Architecture Engineering also all graduates are being listed in The Egyptian Syndicate of Engineers.

The institute offers the following senior programs: 

Enviromental Architecture:

Nowadays, the integration between architecture and the environment is the main general shift for several progressed countries to prevent the dependence on capacities and materials which pollute the environment through construction or processing phases, and learning how to use the replaced and renewable energies.

Building Technology & Project Management:

The integration between architectural and civil engineering studies in addition to the practical studies of project and site management are the main gives this section's graduates the distinction in this rare specialization that enables them to work directly at project management departements after graduation. 

Restoration & Conservation of Historic Building:  

The cultural heritage especially the architectural heritage plays an important role in forming the civilization and cultural personality for any society; thus, learning how to conserve this heritage from destruction is a national mission because of the rare member of specialized workers in this field.

Second: Business Administration Department (4 years):

The institute is giving a Bachelor’s degree in Business Adminstration Technology; also all graduates are being listed in The Syndicate of Commercial Professions.

 The institute offers the following senior programs:

* Business Administration Technology

* Investment  And Banks Technology

* Information Systems & Computer Technology

* Marketing Technology




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